Organic Canvas Casual/Sport Low Top White/White

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Limited quantity!

Normal Width - Not too narrow and not too wide for a universal fit. But if you need specific size "E" wide version shoes, you may have an issue fitting as these are regular/normal width. If you need size "E", wide version shoes, please email us to discuss your options.

Barefoot - Super thin, super flexible, flat 4 mm zero drop outsole/footbed.

Style - Our shoes don't look awkward or bulky unlike most barefoot brands, ours look good from any angle (even the top view).

Comfort Feels like you're not wearing a shoe.  As light and comfortable as it gets.

Eco-Friendly - 100% organic canvas and recycled/recyclable packaging.

Vegan - No animal products.

Ethically Made - Fair wages, hours, no underage employees, clean and safe facilities.