Our mission is to provide ethically made STYLISH, VEGAN, ECO-FRIENDLY BAREFOOT shoes to the world. Society has deviated from nature, and conventional footwear is no exception.

Other companies barefoot shoes are usually not truly barefoot shoes, ours are. Just because a shoe can bend easily does not mean it is barefoot and just because a shoe is labeled zero drop does not mean it is barefoot either. A lot of these other company’s barefoot shoes are way too thick and most of their foot beds are not flat due to elevations and angles. In order for a shoe to be truly barefoot it must have a super thin, super flexible, flat 4 mm zero drop outsole/footbed! ANI does exactly this!

Limited quantity!

Normal Width - Not too narrow and not too wide for a universal fit. But if you need specific size "E" wide version shoes, you may have an issue fitting as these are regular/normal width. If you need size "E", wide version shoes, please email us to discuss your options.

Barefoot - Super thin, super flexible, flat 4 mm zero drop outsole/footbed.

Style - Our shoes don't look awkward or bulky unlike most barefoot brands, ours look good from any angle (even the top view).

Comfort Feels like you're not wearing a shoe.  As light and comfortable as it gets.

Eco-Friendly - Premium vegan leather or 100% organic canvas and recycled/recyclable packaging.

Vegan - No animal products.

Ethically Made - Fair wages, hours, no underage employees, clean and safe facilities.